Designer Cake

All of our cakes are baked from scratch using the finest ingredients to ensure a mouth-watering experience.

Our mud cakes are all torted and filled with delicious ganache made from Callebaut chocolate to enhance the flavour of the cake. The ganache can also be infused with various flavours to compliment the flavour.

Our flavours include but are not limited to:

Rich Chocolate Mud Cake
This mouth-watering rich and moist, dark chocolate mud cake is our most popular flavour.

Light Chocolate Mud Cake
This cake is ideal for those who enjoy chocolate but don't want the decadence of our rich chocolate mud cake. It is a moist cake with a light texture.

White Chocolate Mud Cake
A delicious white chocolate mud cake made with Belgian chocolate. This cake is a popular alternative to our dark chocolate mud cake.

Hazelnut Mud Cake
A scrumptious dark or white chocolate mud cake with hazelnuts

Marble Mud Cake
A delicious and moist white chocolate mud cake with swirls of an equally delicious chocolate mud cake

Caramel Mud Cake
A delectable mud cake made with white chocolate and has a rich caramel flavour.

Cherry Ripe Mud Cake
A decadent chocolate mud cake containing coconut and cherries and filled with a coconut flavoured ganache.

White Chocolate and Coconut Mud Cake
A luscious white chocolate mud cake containing coconut.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Mud Cake
A delicious and moist white chocolate mud cake with swirls of raspberry. The tartness of the raspberry compliments the sweetness of the white chocolate.

Jaffa Mud Cake
A rich chocolate mud cake incorporating fresh oranges to create a delightful Jaffa flavour.

Orange Mud Cake
A heavenly white chocolate mud cake infused with the flavour of fresh oranges.

Citrus Mud Cake
Our creamy white chocolate mud cake flavoured with fresh lemons and limes. This cake can also be adapted to a lemon or lime mud cake.

White Chocolate and Banana Mud Cake
A delicious white chocolate mud cake infused with fresh bananas.

Mint Mud Cake
A choice of either white or dark chocolate mud cake infused with mint.

Red Velvet Cake
A deliciously light and moist dark red cake with a subtle hint of chocolate layered with sour cream ganache.

Vanilla Cake
A moist vanilla butter cake that can be filled with ganache or Swiss meringue butter cream.

Orange and Poppy Seed Cake
A light and delicious orange cake with poppy seeds complimented with your choice of white or dark chocolate ganache.

Traditional Rich Fruit Cake
A rich and moist fruitcake made with sultanas, currants, raisins, glace cherries and orange peel. This delicious cake contains nuts and alcohol.

Cupcakes can be ordered in any of the above flavours and can be iced with butter cream, ganache or fondant.